Sunday, April 15, 2012

I've Launched a New Blog

I'm no longer playing a Bow main, and I figured I would start a general formations website.

You can visit the new site at

I am seeking formation submissions, so please feel free to contribute. Please provide as much detail about you and your formation as possible.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Formation #1

The Formation I began with when I first started PvP'ing was the following:

BT* Swd Vik
Arch Art Gun
Shm Main Monk

* I had a spear in this spot before I switched to BT.

At low levels of PvP, this was a decent snipe build. In Div 14-18, this build could successfully snipe main characters, without even touching any other mercs. My win rate with it was about 55% - not stellar, but at least its on the better side of 50%.

As I moved up in Division, the ability to snipe main characters gradually disappeared. For a few weeks I continued to play with this formation with a terrible win-loss ratio. It was time to move on.

Last weekend I watched the Titan matches - low and behold, two bow mains were in the finals - Sharingan and SaraPhoenix.

Sharingan's Formation:

Spr Sptn Spr
Can Invt Orac
Exo Mnk Main

SaraPhoenix's Formation:

Sptn Exo Main
Vik Prph Mnk
DA Mnk Orac

Sharingan's build, I think, was designed for stun. Sara's build was clearly designed for survivability. Of the two strategies, I would say Sara's was far more effective - her matches were won by killing two or three enemy mercs, and then keeping all of her's up. I did not see Sara's build effectively finish a main character in the 4 matches of her's I watched. That being said, Sharingan won in the end.

My next build is going to be a take on Sara's build. I won't be front-lining my main as she did as my level is not quite right for that yet. I am also not high enough level at this point to recruit a spartan, or have a Dark Archer or Northern Viking, so I am going to substitute as follows:

BT Exo Vik
Main Prph Mnk
Arch Mnk Orac

I'll keep updating on my progress as I get my new mercs levelled and some FL matches in.